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UniEarth Protecting Man and Machine

Company Profile

Nutech products is a company of professionals who have developed many innovative products for the construction industry since 1993. UniEarth Earthing System is one of such products catering to the need of advanced earthing systems.

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UniEarth electrodes provide the physical connection the earth to dissipate current into the ground. There are several types of electrodes but Copper Bonded Electrode is widely used all over the world.

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UniEarth systems comprise of Super and Tripolar Copper Bonded Electrode, Pipe in Pipe and Flat in Pipe Electrode. Ground Enhancing Compound GEC and highly conductive Ionic Gel Compound IGC.

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About Earthing

Earthing is a system of electrical connections to the general mass of the earth. It is a creation of alternate path for the flow of excessive fault current into the ground.The main purpose of earthing is the safety of life and property.

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Our latest Products

Pipe in Pipe Electrode

It incorporates the use of two pipes of coaxial diameters joined together by inserting one into the other .

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